Laser Treatment Procedures to Reduce the Appearance of Leg Veins

Advances in modern science and medicine have made it possible to reduce the size of visible leg veins with a variety of techniques.

Some of the most popular methods sought at the Brilliance Dermatology Center include laser treatment and Asclera injections to instantly shrink visible spider veins for beautiful, clear legs.

What does laser treatment for leg veins involve?

Laser treatments for leg veins involve laser light that passes harmlessly through the skin layer. The laser constricts the flow of blood through enlarged veins, reducing the appearance of veins almost immediately with minimal downtime.

This non-invasive procedure can be performed at our dermatology clinic in Calabasas, in less than thirty minutes, making it a quick and comfortable way to immediately improve and restore the appearance of your legs.

Asclera and leg veins

Asclera is a prescription medication administered via injection by our certified dermatologists that gradually and permanently reduces varicose and reticular veins. Asclera is administered to target areas and causes the visible vein to clot and eventually fill with tissue, rendering the vein invisible. The procedure is very quick and works over time, and is suitable for most patients, though it should be avoided by pregnant patients and patients with blood clotting diseases.

Though Asclera is an effective and permanent solution for spider veins, it can sometimes cause allergic reactions, or a side effect that can cause minor scarring.

Both treatments for spider veins are effective and quick with minimal recovery time necessary, giving you instant results for noticeably smoother legs. Talk to one of our practitioners today to see which option will work best for you.

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