Dermatology Treatment for Melasma in Calabasas

The skin problem known as Melasma is actually a fairly common medical skin issue that occurs when patches of brown or gray appear on facial areas such as the forehead, nose, cheeks or chin.

Generally, any part of the body that gets a lot of sun is vulnerable to this condition.

How do we treat Melasma?

At Brilliance Dermatology, our patients meet with our highly trained team of dermatologists and health care providers to devise a plan.

The usual treatments that Dr. Weitzbuch offers will involve prescription creams like hydroquinone or kojic acid that help the unwanted pigment to soon disappear. Regardless of the cause, reducing sun exposure and wearing sun protection is a key part to any treatment regimen, especially for darker skin types.

Customized treatment for your skin

In some cases, a person's unique skin type may require a different approach to be taken. This occurs in people with freckles, wrinkles, those with large pores, and those whose skin has been damaged or discolored from the sun. This means procedures like the IPL Photofacial as well as laser skin resurfacing are the best courses of action.

With IPL Photofacial, pulses of light deeply enter the skin to help reduce age lines and redness. With laser skin resurfacing, scars and wrinkles can be treated. Sometimes, this involves only working on a portion of the face (a 30-45 minute procedure), but usually, the whole face is treated in approximately two hours. Alternatively, skin needling might be the best course of action. Microneedling doesn’t utilize any laser or light, thus reducing risk of worsening melasma.

Other treatment options available

There's also the option of chemical peels that can be performed by our esthetician, whose expertise in crafting the proper course of care sets them apart.

To learn more about melasma and the potential treatment for you, contact us today.

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