State-of-the-art scar treatment to remove or diminish scars

Scars, whether they’re caused by acne, some other skin disorder, or an injury, can negatively impact a person’s social life. This is especially true with facial scars. Fortunately, the technology for treating scars has improved over the years.

Under the supervision of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hal Weitzbuch, our team of experts at Brilliance Dermatology now offer their patients state-of-the art treatment to remove or diminish scars. Among the treatments our dermatologist performs for scars are:

Laser resurfacing

With laser skin resurfacing, precisely targeted lasers are used to penetrate the layers of the scar. The laser destroys the outer layer of the skin and heats the underlying skin, which will stimulate the body to produce its own collagen. When the wound finally heals, tighter, more supple skin appears. This diminishes the appearance of the scar.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be light, moderate or deep. They’re acid solutions that are painted on to the skin to remove the outer layers of skin cells. Like laser resurfacing, chemical peels stimulate the growth of collagen and the growth of new skin cells and reduce the appearance of the scar.

CO2 Dry Ice Slush Peel

The CO2 dry ice slush peel is often used in conjunction with chemical peels. During this treatment, a snowball is formed out of liquid carbon dioxide, wrapped in gauze, and submersed in acetone. This creates a slush that’s then applied to the area of the scar. Like a chemical peel, the slush causes the removal of dead skin cells and helps to improve the appearance of scars.

Only after a consultation with one of our skin care professionals in Calabasas can it be determined which method is best suited for your unique circumstances. Schedule an appointment today so that we can help you treat your scars with state-of-the-art techniques.

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