Treatment of Keloids and Raised Scars

Keloids are a type of raised scar that develops in response to skin injuries.

Most commonly occurring on the upper body, keloids are hypertrophic scars distinguished by a darker color and thicker compared to the skin that surrounds them.

What causes keloids?

The cause of keloid scars is excessive collagen production during the healing process. While most patients with keloids do not experience any symptoms, some keloids are tender to the touch and might be itchy.

Keloids can be caused by any external injury, including piercings, surgical cuts and lacerations. In some cases, bug bites or pimples can become keloids. Despite their appearance, keloids do not harm patients and do not raise the risk of skin cancer. However, many patients dislike their negative effects on appearance. They can also be itchy or painful, and may continue to grow.

Remove your keloids

Fortunately, it’s not difficult for our team to reduce or remove keloids. There are many different treatment options varying from steroid injections to surgical removal. For more information about keloid treatment, contact one of our board-certified dermatologists today.

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