Cryotherapy Wart Treatment

If you have a wart, you know how unsightly and uncomfortable they can be. But why be self-conscious about it when you can have it removed in a safe, professional environment through medical dermatology.

What is a wart? All warts are the result of a superficial skin infection with the HPV virus. This virus has many different strains and usually certain strains commonly infect certain body parts. It is important to recognize that this virus does not enter the blood stream and does not cause a systemic infection. It lives in the skin and tells the skin to make a thick outer coat, thus a wart forms.

Types of Treatment for Wart Removal

At Brilliance Dermatology you can meet with a board-certified dermatologist to discuss your options for getting rid of that wart for good. Brilliance Dermatology offers several different treatments for wart removal, and your healthcare provider will choose the best method for you.

Blister beetles

An alternative to cryotherapy is cantharidin, a chemical extracted from blister beetles. Cantharidin is applied to the wart and then covered with a bandage, allowing the skin under the wart to blister. This method is generally painless and great for children.

Cryotherapy treatment

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy is a quick way to have your wart removed. Your dermatologist will apply liquid nitrogen directly to the growth. It can be painful, but it's over quickly. Healing time is typically one to two weeks, and there is only a small chance of scarring.

Surgical Excision

In some cases, excision may be necessary - typically if other methods have failed. Healing times vary depending on the location and number of warts removed. Occasionally you may need to have medication injected into the wart, or you might even prefer to have local anesthetic every treatment. At Brilliance Dermatology, your skin care expert can help create the best treatment regimen for you, to give you the best chance of complete removal.

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