A defined jawline is part of what is considered to be a masculine facial profile. If you are worried that you are falling short of this ideal simply because of excess fat under your chin (called submental fat), KYBELLA is one of the most exciting developments to become available in the USA.

KYBELLA works to reduce the fatty deposits creating a double chin in a simple, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment. Ready to look younger, more appealing, and restore definition to your facial profile? Talk to us about KYBELLA treatments.

Tired of a Double Chin? Experience the Benefits of KYBELLA.

A double chin can become a thing of the past through a series of injections of FDA-approved KYBELLA.

There are several reasons why you may want to schedule treatments at Brilliance Dermatology with this non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for a double chin:

  • Despite exercise and attention to your diet, your double chin remains.
  • You can’t escape the feeling that your chin makes you look heavier (or older) than you really are.
  • You feel that sagging chin fat and lack of definition at your jawline is one of the first things others notice when meeting you.
  • Even though your double chin bothers you, you are not interested in undergoing surgery.
  • You find it hard to take your attention off this aspect of your appearance and, as a result, your quality of life is diminished.

An increasing number of men who would not have considered themselves candidates for cosmetic surgery are discovering that KYBELLA is an uncomplicated, relatively painless way to regain some of the youthful appearance and confidence that may have gradually slipped away over the years. As the treatment does its work in the weeks following treatment, the fatty deposits beneath the chin slowly shrink, revealing a more defined jawline, and restoring trim, more attractive facial profile.

How does KYBELLA work?

The process is simple: KYBELLA is made up of a substance that destroys fat cells. It is a synthetic form of a molecule that occurs naturally in the body, deoxycholic acid. This substance functions to help the body break down and absorb dietary fat. When KYBELLA is injected to treat a double chin, the substance gets to work, destroying fat cells in the area. The body then naturally sheds these cells, and the area becomes trimmer, slimmer, and more defined. In a treatment session, you will receive multiple small injections; the number will vary according to the quantity of unsightly, unwanted fat beneath the chin and the extent to which you would like to reduce it.

The treatment requires only about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Each of our male patients is unique, and the number of treatments needed will vary, with one month between each treatment.

Is KYBELLA right for me?

This procedure has a very specific objective: to reduce the quantity of fat accumulated under the chin and upper neck, thereby shrinking a double chin and restoring a more masculine, defined facial profile.

It a non-surgical injection treatment, administered in a matter of minutes at our boutique clinic, where Dr. Dr. Weitzbuch and his incredible team of expert injectors cater to the specific needs of men.

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