Most people undergo earlobe repair as the result of unwanted or stretched piercings or even traumatic injury. Surgical earlobe repair by Dr. Weitzbuch can be used to correct earlobes that have gaping holes or that are clefted or split. It can also be used to correct the size or placement of a piercing.

Dr. Weitzbuch has extensive experience repairing torn or large earlobes. Make an appointment for a consult at our boutique practice today so you can enjoy your newly repaired earlobes sooner.

Stretched Earlobes:

It is common for earlobes and piercings to become stretched after years of wearing heavy earrings. This can be unattractive and divert attention from the person’s most attractive features. An earlobe repair performed by a qualified dermatologist like Dr. Hal Weitzbuch, can restore an individual’s confidence in their appearance and allow them to wear earrings once again.

Earlobe Gauges:

Earlobe gauges or plugs that stretch and create oversized holes in the ear are once again a popular trend, especially among young people. Of course, trends come and go. A person’s professional life may also change so that this type of fashion statement is no longer appropriate. The large holes caused by insertion of earlobe gauges may shrink slightly after the gauges are removed; however, the earlobe will remain permanently stretched and deformed. Although it is a rather complex process, reconstructive surgery can be used to restore the earlobe to a more natural shape and appearance.

What to Expect During an Earlobe Repair Procedure:

Typically, an earlobe repair is performed as an in-office procedure using a local anesthetic. The doctor starts by removing any scarred areas of the piercing. The area is then closed using small sutures.

The patient may choose to keep a portion of the existing piercing or have it closed altogether. Patients do have the option of piercing their ears again once they have healed completely from the repair procedure.

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