Skin Infection Treatment

Once you have identified that you have a skin infection, the most important thing to do is to visit a dermatologist right away.

Waiting may cause the infection to get much worse, and there is nothing intimidating about the medical procedures. Here is what you can expect.

What to expect when you visit our Brilliance Dermatology office

First, your dermatologist will culture the infection in order to identify it. This is done by carefully taking a sample from the site of the infection and then submitting it to several tests.

If necessary, the dermatologist will also safely drain the abscess. They may also take a sample here as well in order to culture the infection. Please do not try to do this by yourself; you may end up making things worse.

How will the doctor treat my skin infection?

After identifying the bacteria, the dermatologist may then prescribe medications. These will make sure that the infection goes away and stays away. Although medicine may not be necessary in all cases, it is best to expect that it will be.

Proudly serving our local community as their skincare provider

Throughout the procedure, our staff will make you feel comfortable and well taken care of. We take pride in providing a warm and caring environment. If you have any concerns during the procedure, please let us know.

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