Dark circles under the eyes can be a very difficult cosmetic problem to deal with. Contrary to popular belief, makeup is not always a quick solution either.

There are a variety of cosmetic treatment procedures that we provide at Brilliance Dermatology to treat dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment options we offer in Calabasas

Many of the treatments available in our Calabasas center consist of topical applications that are applied directly to the face, or fillers that are injected. It is important to remember that our skincare products are professional grade and our regimens need to be followed directly. Usually a combination of treatments will work best to get your circles to a minimum. Most commonly, we inject Restylane filler under the eye in the “tear trough”. We use this particular filler for its properties that have many advantages over other fillers in the tear trough location. While every procedure has its risks, this treatment provides an instant improvement that is incredibly satisfying for us and our patients.

The best treatment can differ significantly from one individual to the next and will depend on several factors such as the severity and cause of the dark circles. During your consultation with a skincare expert at Brilliance Dermatology we will determine the best treatment to offer the best cosmetic result.

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