The Treatment and Removal of Cysts

A lump underneath the skin does not necessarily pose a threat to your health, but it may require the attention of a dermatologist if it becomes inflamed or infected.

Sometimes its location interferes with routine activities such as putting on or taking off clothing. When a cyst is conspicuous, it is often removed surgically for cosmetic purposes.

What to know about the cyst removal procedure

Cyst removal is performed frequently at Brilliance Dermatology. Whether the cyst is ready for immediate excision or must be injected with steroids to reduce inflammation first, our dermatologists approach the issue with genuine care and concern.

What are cysts?

Cysts are normally slow growing and rarely cause pain. They are closed tissue sacs filled with fluid, pus or keratin. Although they most often develop on the upper body, these lumps can appear on nearly any part of the skin. Redness and irritation may occur if they become inflamed or infected, and large ones often need to be opened and drained before removal.

However, swelling is ordinarily curtailed by a simple steroid injection, and occasionally antibiotics may be necessary. Surgical excision requires a local anesthetic and leaves a small scar. In unique instances, the cyst may rupture before treatment and leave a boil-like sore on the skin that needs immediate attention.

If you suffer from a cyst, you have options

If you desire to have a cyst removed or have questions about the subject, schedule an appointment at Brilliance Dermatology. You will enjoy personalized care from both the staff and Dr. Weitzbuch or our other amazing healthcare providers.

The friendly interaction you will experience with our team is the element of service that keeps our patients coming back for all of their dermatologic needs.

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