Get longer eyelashes with Latisse Treatments in Calabasas

Have you ever felt that slight twinge of jealousy when you see someone with beautiful long eyelashes?

There are so many women, just like you, who want long and full eyelashes. Guess what? You can have your dream eyelashes.

How to get longer eyelashes

Latisse is the number one choice in treatment for thin eyelashes. This is because it is the only medicine of its kind that can be prescribed by dermatologists. It’s been proven to dramatically increase the length and thickness of eyelashes, leaving you with lush lashes.

Am I a good candidate for Latisse treatment?

If you are wondering if Latisse is right for you, contact Brilliance Dermatology. A board-certified dermatologist or nurse practitioner will answer any and all questions you have about eyelash growth and may be able to prescribe treatment today.

How does Latisse work to lengthen eyelashes?

Latisse is so easy to use. You just apply the medication above your eyelashes nightly with the included applicator. It is as simple as that. If you discontinue use, your lashes will slowly return to their natural state. That is why regular use of Latisse is important.

Latisse comes in a package that looks very similar to regular eyeliner. It’s odorless and colorless and, after being shown how to apply it, you’ll have no problem bringing it home and applying it by yourself.

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