Many people suffer from droopy upper eyelids (also called ptosis). Drooping upper eyelids can cause you to look tired or less alert, and it can make your eyes look smaller. It can even interfere with the function of your eyes and impair your vision. Drooping eyelids can be caused by age, surgery, or even as a side effect of Botox that inadvertently travels to the eyelid muscles. Aside from the cosmetic concern, drooping eyelids can cause difficulty with reading, driving, computer use and other activities.

If you’d like to address your drooping lids and achieve more open eyes, but you don’t want surgery, Upneeq may be the ideal treatment for you.

What is Upneeq?

Upneeq is the first and only FDA-approved prescription eye drop that lifts the upper eyelids, opens your eyes and tightens drooping eyelids. The medication in Upneeq is called oxymetazoline hydrochloride, which works by contracting a certain eyelid muscle, called the Muller’s muscle, to make it shorter and tighter.

How does Upneeq work?

The Upneeq eye drop is applied once a day, one drop per eye. The average amount of the lift in the upper eyelid is about 1 mm. Results appear shortly after the drops are inserted into the eyes. While this lift is not as significant as a surgical procedure, it is certainly noticeable and provides a benefit both cosmetically and medically.

Each dose of Upneeq, one drop per eye a day, is effective for at least 6 hours.

Who is a good candidate for Upneeq?

Men or women who have mild, moderate, or severe eyelid drooping who would prefer to not have surgery may be candidates for Upneeq. Ideal candidates should meet the ideal requirements:

  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are 13 years of age or older
  • Are not taking the following medications:
  • beta-blockers
  • anti-hypertensive medications
  • cardiac glycosides
  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors

What are the benefits of Upneeq?

Upneeq has a number of benefits for clients who would like to lift their eyelids without a surgical procedure:

  • Immediate results
  • Non-surgical
  • No pain, recovery, or downtime
  • A more open-eyed appearance
  • Lifted eyelids
  • Better range of vision
  • A more alert or awake appearance
  • FDA-approved, safe alternative to eyelid surgery

Upneeq vs eyelid surgery

Upneeq results are not comparable to eyelid surgery and should not be considered a substitute. Eyelid surgery can treat genetically-caused eyelid drooping, which Upneeq cannot. But of course, eyelid surgery requires incisions and downtime. Upneeq provides the unique benefit that it can achieve noticeable improvements without incisions, recovery time, or other drawbacks for age-related or Botox-induced sagging eyelids. For those who are not ready for surgery, Upneeq is an ideal alternative.

Why choose Brilliance Dermatology?

At Brilliance Dermatology, we stay on the pulse of the latest, most advanced treatment for our patients in order to provide the very best results with minimal recovery or downtime. All treatments are performed under the guidance of an accomplished, experienced, board-certified dermatologist.

If you would like to learn more about Upneeq, please contact Brilliance Dermatology, where your health, safety, and satisfactory results come first.

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