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Psoriasis is a skin disease that appears as a rash with silver scales. The rash can usually be found on the wrists, elbows, knees and the scalp.

Dermatologists believe the disorder happens when an individual’s skin cells divide too rapidly and accumulate. They also don’t shed the way normal skin cells do. They rash and scale then tend to flake and itch.

What causes psoriasis?

A patient’s first case of psoriasis can come after he or she has been exposed to dry, cold weather or after he or she has suffered an illness or even a minor injury to his or her skin. Certain medications can also trigger a case of psoriasis. Genetic risks is highly associated, as well as certain dietary habits.

Treatment options

Brilliance Dermatology offers relief for patients suffering from psoriasis. One treatment modality is phototherapy, where the patient is treated with ultraviolet-B (UVB) light. This type of light, which is found in sunlight, has been known to ease psoriasis because it slows down the overgrowth of the skin cells and calms down the body’s overactive immune system.

Topical treatments have been around for the longest time and still are considered first-line therapy for more patients with psoriasis

Another treatment utilized in our clinic is biologic therapy. New over the past 2 decades, newer therapies are coming out all of the time, allowing more specific treatments to help completely eradicate more severe psoriasis. While they are not a cure, continuous treatment usually keeps the condition mostly under control.

Our certified dermatologists also offer oral medications for patients to treat their psoriasis. These medications can also work with UVB light therapy. If you are suffering from psoriasis, do not delay in seeking treatment with one of our skincare professionals at our boutique clinic in Calabasas, under board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hal Weitzbuch.

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