Combat the Effects of Facial Volume Loss

Facial volume loss is caused by collagen breakdown in the skin, tightening and redistribution of subcutaneous fatty deposits, and resorption of facial bones. It's a naturally occurring part of aging, and is the reason why many facelifts don't quite restore the fullness of youth.

A facelift stretches the skin over the altered facial structure, but doesn't restore the softer tissues underneath that lead to a youthful appearance.

How can I treat my facial volume loss?

New products, available from certified dermatologists, can help fix the underlying loss of facial volume. Sculptra, a collagen-stimulating injectable, can be placed into the deep dermal layer of the skin, where it initially causes swelling, but later renews the collagen fibers underlying the skin. Sculptra does require multiple injections, spread about six weeks apart, and its effects last for over one to two years in most patients.

Another alternative your dermatologist may recommend is a dermal filler. Dermal fillers come in several varieties, allowing our trained staff of experts many options to tailor your treatment to your needs.

What sets Brilliance Dermatology apart from other practices is that we offer different forms of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers, which can be used for various areas of volume loss to help rejuvenate your face, leaving you with a refreshed look. Our providers commonly use more than one type of filler in a single session to help our patients leave with their best face forward!

To learn which treatment option is best for you, schedule a consultation with an expert at our boutique practice today.

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