Laser Hair Removal: Face and Body Hair Acne Scars, Rosacea Solved.

Shaving, waxing, plucking, and creams are the most common method for removing unwanted hair from the body and face. These methods have drawbacks and provide only temporary results.

If you are looking for a way to reduce hair growth for the long term, consider laser hair removal. At Brilliance Dermatology, our advanced laser hair removal system produces dramatic improvements in hair growth appearing on the upper lip, chin, sideburns, bikini zone, or underarms.

Laser Hair Removal Done Right.

At Brilliance Dermatology, our award-winning, board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hal Weitzbuch, has garnered a reputation for excellence. If you are considering laser hair removal, you want to ensure you have the most advanced treatments, performed by a highly-skilled healthcare provider who has the knowledge and experience to produce superior results. Our team is extremely skilled to provide the results our patients want.

Advanced Laser Hair Removal in Calabasas

Patients looking for the most effective laser hair removal option can get treatment at Brilliance Dermatology with complete confidence. Our talented and certified skincare providers can tell you if you will be a good candidate for this state-of-the-art laser hair removal treatment.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer

The benefits of the LightSheer laser hair removal system we use at Brilliance Dermatology include:

  • Greater patient comfort with skin-cooling technology
  • Safer treatment
  • High-speed hair removal
  • Clears ingrown hairs

What to Expect: Laser Hair Removal in Calabasas

The amount of time needed to limit hair growth varies depending on the size of the area and the quantity of unwanted hair. A small area can usually be treated in a few short minutes. However, a larger area may require several hours, and all areas require multiple appointments. The sensation feels like a tiny snap against the skin which our patients report is easy to tolerate.

After Laser Hair Removal

Swelling, redness, and a slightly bumpy skin texture in the treated area are the most common side effects, typically lasting only a few hours after the treatment is complete. Aloe vera gel is effective in soothing and cooling the area treated. After your laser hair removal is completed, avoid the sun, exercise, or activities such as a sauna for up to 48 hours, and follow the aftercare instructions we provide so that recovery is fast and smooth.

Will I Need Several Treatments?

Every person is different in the quantity of unwanted hair they want treated. Hair growth moves through a cycle of growth, and this advanced laser hair removal system is effective on body and facial hair in the “anagen” cycle (hair is growing). About 20 to 30 percent of the hairs on face or body are in this phase of growth and can be effectively removed with the LightSheer system. As the hair you want treated includes hair in all three phases of growth, including anagen (growth), catagen (transitional), and telogen (hair is released and falls out), for the most effective result, several treatments will be necessary.

The number of treatments needed will vary from person to person. However, most people need between four and six treatments to achieve smooth, hair-free skin, with appointments scheduled about four to eight weeks apart, depending upon what area is being treated. Periodic maintenance treatments at yearly intervals may be needed. You can expect approximately 60-80% permanent hair reduction after a full series of treatments.

Why Laser Hair Removal at Brilliance Dermatology?

At Brilliance Dermatology, we offer our patients state-of-the-art treatments for unwanted hair, with all treatments performed under the guidance of an accomplished, respected, board-certified dermatologist – and experience makes a significant difference in a successful outcome. You can trust us to perform laser hair removal treatments safely and with meticulous attention to detail.

Contact Brilliance Dermatology for laser hair removal performed right – and to achieve smooth, hair-free skin with safety at our boutique clinic, where you and your health and safety matter.

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