Our Malibu chemical peel is a relatively simple, non-surgical and non-invasive procedure used to refresh the appearance of facial skin.

Chemical peels can be used to treat some wrinkles and fine lines, discolored skin, acne, and small scars. It is most commonly used to remove dead skin and improve the look of sun-damaged skin.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

Our Thousand Oaks chemical peel provides facial rejuvenation by using chemicals to burn away the top layers of the skin, where wrinkles and discolorations form. As your face heals it will form newer, fresher skin over the peeled areas, giving your face a firmer, brighter, and cleaner look. There are different types of chemical peels, from superficial peels that remove only the thinnest top layers to deep peels that penetrate farther into the skin. Your skincare expert will discuss which type will work best for you.

Chemical Peel Procedure

Westlake Village chemical peel treatments are supervised by our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hal Weitzbuch. Your provider will explain the procedure beforehand and tell you how to prepare your skin, which may include using special lotions or creams to ensure that the peel works more evenly. This cosmetic procedure is done on an outpatient basis in the doctor's office.

Superficial peels rarely require pain medication. Depending on the type of peel, your provider may provide cold compresses to help ease the sensations. Some peels are washed off at the end of the procedure, while others neutralize themselves after a certain period.

Recovery from Chemical Peels

Any chemical peel, even a light one, will produce a degree of redness, irritation, and swelling. For light chemical peels, the pain should be relatively minor and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers. Depending on how deep the peel has gone, it can take anywhere from a day to two weeks for new skin to form over the affected area.

There will probably still be some redness and irritation after that, but it can be covered with makeup. Newly forming skin must be protected from the sun, so wear a hat or stay in the shade. And take care to avoid irritating the skin further -- use only the mildest cleansers.

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