Juvéderm Ultra and Ultra Plus are two of the most well-known facial fillers in the Juvéderm line of products. Their unique textures have made them popular treatments for patients that want to increase facial volume, whether for sculpting or filling wrinkles and lines.

The Juvéderm family of fillers have been referred to as the “liquid facelift” because they allows for both sculpting and lifting. The effects of Juvéderm are immediate and long-lasting.

Anti-Aging Treatments: Choose Dr. Weitzbuch for Superior Results?

At Brilliance Dermatology, Dr. Hal Weitzbuch and his team of highly trained injectors have extensive experience in the use of Juvéderm. As an award-winning, board-certified dermatologist, he has a deep knowledge of skin structure. He oversees all anti-aging cosmetic treatments, and his team of expert injectors have skills beyond the ordinary and are known for producing exceptionally beautiful results.

It is a sad fact that a less-skilled provider may leave your face looking unnatural and “worked-on.” Dr. Weitzbuch and his team are known as skincare specialists with impressive talents and skills and who are committed to producing remarkably natural-looking results with Juvéderm and other injectables.

Subtle Facial Sculpting at its Best.

Juvéderm can be an effective anti-aging or facial sculpting treatment for any area of the face, including around the nose, mouth, and lips. Because every person’s facial structure is unique, a consultation with Dr. Weitzbuch will reveal the appropriate dermal fillers for each cosmetic problem. You can trust your face to our team of highly-trained skincare providers – we are committed to creating exceptional results with customized anti-aging treatments with Juvéderm and other injectables

Am I a candidate for Juvéderm?

Almost any adult can be a candidate for Juvéderm, as it is a versatile filler which can be used for many facial enhancements, including:

  • Ultra for lip volume and filling in superficial lines
  • Ultra Plus for minimizing wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth and nose

State-of-the-Art Anti-Aging Treatments at Brilliance Dermatology

Juvéderm is just one of the range of state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments offered at Brilliance Dermatology. Under the careful guidance of Dr. Weitzbuch, our team of expert injectors are known for their extraordinary skills, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding results.

Is Juvéderm painful?

Prior to your injections, a numbing cream will be applied. Juvéderm also contains a numbing agent to increase comfort during and after the procedure. Additionally, we can provide nerve blocks, which may be especially necessary during lip enhancement.

What can I expect during recovery?

During recovery, patients may experience mild numbness, swelling, some redness, and sometimes minor bruising. In addition, the face may feel firm or tight, but all these minor side effects typically diminish quickly, within a few days. Recovery time lasts for one to two days. During this time, avoid vigorous physical activity and stay out of direct sunlight.

How long will Juvéderm last?

Juvederm was specifically developed to last longer – up to 6-12 months. This is a significant improvement over many other facial fillers, which makes it desirable for anyone who would like to see lasting results.

If you are interested in Juvéderm, it is imperative that the injections are performed by a skilled professional. We invite you to discover the difference true professionalism makes by scheduling a private consultation with our caring and dedicated team at Brilliance Dermatology – contact us now.

If you are interested in Juvéderm Ultra XC, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Hal Weitzbuch at Brilliance Dermatology.

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