Juvederm XC Injectable Filler Treats Wrinkles & Folds

Our Juvederm treatments are an FDA-approved injectable dermal filler used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. If you're looking for the best treatments of Juvederm Thousand Oaks

and its surrounding areas have available, you can visit Calabasas Dermatology Center, where board-certified dermatologist Dr. Hal Weitzbuch and his team of specialists offer this treatment.

How Does Juvederm Injectable Fillers Work?

The body's skin contains a naturally hydrating substance known as hyaluronic acid. A combination of aging and sun exposure reduces the hyaluronic acid found in the skin over time, allowing the skin to break down and wrinkles and lines to form.

Juvederm works to safely replace the hyaluronic acid in the skin, adding back lost volume while lifting and tightening the skin in the process.

Everyone faces different aging-related issues, and Juvederm works in a variety of areas on the face and neck to treat them all. Smile lines above the mouth, marionette lines around the corners of the mouth, and vertical lines from the nose to the center of the top lip are common areas treated with Juvederm, at our Calabasas office. The treatment gives the skin a smoother, fuller appearance to tighten and reduce visible signs of aging. Other areas may be treated based on a dermatologist's discretion, such as under the eye and the cheeks. A thin needle and a mixture infused with numbing lidocaine minimize discomfort during the injection process. Patients may need multiple injections depending on the size of the treatment area and the desired effects.

What You Can Expect After Your Juvederm Treatment

Results from Juvederm injections can be seen almost immediately after the initial treatment, and they will continue to improve in the following weeks.

As Juvederm is a temporary anti-aging solution, patients see best results with repeat treatments every 4-9 months, especially for treating deep folds and wrinkles. Schedule your appointment for the best results in Juvederm Malibu and the neighboring cities have to offer.

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