Treating Unsightly and Visible Scars inCalabasas

Unsightly scars on the face or in other highly visible areas of the skin can lead to decreased confidence and concern over your personal appearance. Fortunately, our experienced professionals can help reduce the appearance of scars for smooth and healthy skin.

Our board-certified dermatologists at Brilliance Dermatology have a variety of treatments available to help remove scars and restore skin to its natural healthy look. Ultrapulse CO2 laser resurfacing and the ResurFX laser promote new growth of natural collagen in your skin, which fills out scars and reduces their appearance with short treatments that involve minimal healing time. Microneedling also is a very effective treatment to reduce scars and is ideal for acne scars.

Steroid injections can help reduce the appearance of scars that stick out from the surface of the skin, while collagen and other injectable fillers can help smooth out sunken or pitted scars, such as acne scarring.

For certain kinds of scars, surgical treatments including excision can help smooth out skin. Dry ice slush treatments, also known as cryotherapy, are performed by creating a dry ice 'snowball' which is then swiped lightly over the skin for mild exfoliation that can be effective in treating acne scarring and other types of scars. Subscision is another treatment option you skincare specialist at Brilliance Dermatology might recommend.

Which treatment option is best for me?

There are many different types of scars, and we offer multiple treatments to help reduce them.

To find out the method that could be the most effective for you, contact the experienced dermatologists at Brilliance Dermatology for a consultation today.

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