Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are benign bumps that show up on the arms, bra line, groin, and neck areas of patients. Skin tags are typically brown or the color of the person’s skin and usually no larger than two to five millimeters around. Some, however, can grow to an even larger size. The reason for skin tags is still unknown. However, it is well known that anyone is susceptible to getting them.

Although they’re just as prevalent in men as in women, they tend to happen to people who gain weight, pregnant women, women who wear underwire bras that chafe against their skin and middle-aged or elderly people.

Normally, skin tags are painless, but a skin tag that seems to grow uncontrollably or becomes painful should be looked at by one of our skincare specialists in Calabasas. People usually have skin tags removed because they’re unsightly.

Our dermatologists at Brilliance Dermatology can remove skin tags easily, with minimal discomfort, and low chance of recurrence.

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