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Calabasas is rich in a history populated with explorers, Native Americans, squatters, bandits and settlers. Today it is an oasis of technology, art and residents and city leaders who are committed environmental responsibility. The city is beautifully set in the southwest corner of the San Fernando Valley including a portion of the Santa Monica Mountains. Calabasas is considered the gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, with its spectacular rolling hills and valleys that stretch all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Dr. Weitzbuch and Brilliance Dermatology are proud to serve this community. We know the residents of Calabasas demand the best from cosmetic dermatology. From the first moment you walk through our doors, whether it is for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure or a needed treatment for a skin condition, you’ll experience a standard of professionalism and patient focus unlike any other.

Why Brilliance Dermatology is Important to Calabasas

Brilliance Dermatology is a true full spectrum dermatological service that offers advanced procedures, cutting-edge equipment and a team of skilled professionals who can literally deliver almost any dermatological service you could need. There’s no need to leave the community to get the best treatment possible.

Your skin is the largest organ of our body and there are many skin-related conditions – as well as cosmetic concerns – that can arise that affect everyone from pediatric patients to the geriatric. Our professional examinations and comprehensive services give you a wide range of choices for all your skin issues.

What Services Are Available at Our Skincare Clinic?

Issues with skin typically fall into several categories and the list of services for each can be numerous. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered!

Skin Cancer

With the amount of sun Southern Californians are exposed to, early detection of skin cancer is a priority. It can affect more than 2 million people every year but early detection can prevent more serious issues. Dr. Hal Weitzbuch is one of the finest board-certified dermatologists in Calabasas available today and a member of the American Society for Mohs Surgery.

The most important aspect of treating skin cancer is an accurate diagnosis and a critical determination as to what procedure will be most effective with the least degree of invasiveness.

Skin cancer treatments vary depending upon the type of cancer it is. Some of the methods we offer are:

If you have a concern about skin cancer or the nature of a mole or blemish, schedule a consultation today. Many skin marks are harmless, but catching skin cancer early helps assure a positive outcome.

Medical Dermatology at its Best.

Skin conditions can occur at any time, at any age. We provide comprehensive support and treatment options for almost all problematic skin conditions. We continually stay current on the latest proven techniques and technology so you can rest assured you are getting the finest treatment available anywhere. Some of the areas we cover:

Regardless of your condition or your age we have found that most skin conditions can be easily resolved or effectively managed in a few visits.

Cosmetic Procedures We Offer

Your skin is what gives your body its contours and shape. Healthy skin with good elasticity brings out the beauty in anyone, but environment, genetics, lifestyle and age can make your skin sag and look prematurely old. At Brilliance Dermatology we know that aesthetics are everything and a simple change can make a big difference.

Some of our services that can make a big difference for you:

Pediatric Dermatology: We Treat Childhood Skin Problems

Our pediatric dermatologists are highly experienced in treating children from newborn to adolescent for all the skin disorders that can occur in childhood.

few of the more common issues include:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Ringworm
  • Molluscum contagiosum
  • Warts
  • Moles and birthmarks
  • Impetigo

Why Choose Brilliance Dermatology?

  • Dr. Hal Weitzbuch is a highly experienced, award-winning, board- certified dermatologist who is passionate about results. You don’t have to drive to Beverly Hills for excellent care. You have the best right in Calabasas.
  • Learn from our case studies of patients who came before you. Combined with an in depth consultation, our case studies will give you an understanding of how much we can do to enhance the vitality of your looks.
  • The Calabasas team of registered nurses and support are second to none in experience and desire to make your experience at the Center all you hoped for.

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